Sandrine Maffre
Sandrine Maffre

Stone Stories

Every piece that I create is unique as every natural stone is. Every stone is handpicked from remote beaches around Greece. Each stone is selected based on its round or oval shape. Then they are brought to my home-studio in Athens, cleaned vigorously and left outdoors to dry before the creative and fun part of painting begins!

I use good quality acrylic paint, dotting tools, dot mats, cones, brushes, paint trays, compasses, rulers, toothpicks, mandala stencils, resin, acrylic gems, the list is endless! Once the stone is completed, I seal it with two layers of acrylic varnish for protection from humidity and dust. The stones are painted in a one-of-a-kind pattern to enhance their natural uniqueness. All art pieces are signed with my initials and dated with the year that they were created at the bottom of the stone.

You may notice that some dots may have air bubbles or imperfections, but this is natural and part of using acrylic paint. Also, natural stones may have small indents, but this is normal too since they are not created artificially.

All stones can be used to aid in meditation, to help bring peace and calm in your home. You can use your stone as home décor, press-papier, and conversation pieces. It is up to you what you want to do with your stone! They also make great gifts! In case you have a special idea for your stone, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss in more depth the details. I would be more than happy to create the stone of your dreams!

Although the stone is durable because of the two-layer acrylic varnish it is highly recommended that you keep it away from water and humid environment. It can be used, however, both indoors and outdoors. And it’s a perfect way to add nature and art into your home!

The colours that you see on your screen may differ from the real acrylic colours that will be used on your hand-painted stone. Please reach out to me to discuss what colours you would like to see on your custom stone.

All stones are made to be touched. Yes, they are created not only for the eyes. They feel great in the hands too! You will find that touching your stone is a fascinating tactile experience, especially the ones with 3D dots or acrylic gems that I create with my dot mats.

Please handle all stones with love and grace. They are not intended for children as toys.

I feel grateful for each piece of art that I create.

I feel blessed that this art brings so much joy and peace to my soul. They help me focus on the present moment.

My wish for you is that you feel the same way when you receive your stone.

With love,